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hm - and there it goes..

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Previous Entry hm Oct. 26th, 2006 @ 05:00 pm Next Entry
i was reading some of my "recent" posts.. i read back as far as my birthday. boy was i a barrel of laughs. i'm glad to say things have improved dramatically. Bublz and i live in this wonderful little place in Port Jeff with Andrew, Dustin and Inna. Tom and Frank jumped ship so Andrew and Inna took their place. cant say i'm happy about that. i <3 Tom and Frank. Tom's in Cali and Frank's in Jersey. now i have no complaints about Andrew. he's awesome. Inna, however, i never liked. aside from the fact that i dont like her, i hate living with her. and Dusty. well.. eh. but that's not the point.

i've been in a much better place, although not quite as social and chipper as i was last year during the summer. but i'm doin alright all things considered. things with Bublz are wonderful. he's even starting to use terms of endearment (like calling me baby). he's more affectionate than he was. i'm loving this. now if only we could get that love thing going on heh. i have a feeling it just hasnt been long enough and eventually we'll get to that point. but for now as long as he keeps acting like it, he doesnt necessarily have to say it. that's ok with me.

i've also been doing well in school. 2 As and 2 Bs so far on my first midterms. i took 2nd midterms this week and have another next tuesday so i hope i can keep up the good work. i'm really excited about this semester.
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