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sigh - and there it goes..

About sigh

Previous Entry sigh Feb. 28th, 2006 @ 11:51 pm Next Entry
it's Bublz's first night at work. he's four days on, four days off 11p-9a. that means if his first day of work starts on a tuesday, i wont be falling asleep next to him for five nights in a row. how fucking sucky is that? well you all dont care. i do though. it's not right sleeping in this bed without him. this is going to be interesting. we'll see how i handle this. i'm taking Yve home with me next weekend because she wanted a job and i offered to take her to my hospital. i'm just getting everybody jobs there arent i lol.

anyway. i'm gonna brush up and try that whole sleeping thing. hopefully it works out. i hope you all are doing well.

point of interest: i had ihop with Dan last week. it was splendid. i miss spending time with everyone. Dan in particular. he's wonderful to talk to. i miss our talks.

and how does that make you feel?: sleepysleepyish
background noise: something Flip's playing
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